A few words about an amazing man

I don’t think there was another person who played such a big role in the lives of all six of us than Uncle Melvyn. When we had moments of happiness, sadness, pain, he was always the first person we turned to and it hurts so much for us right now that such a large part of our hearts and our family is no longer with us....

I Will Wait For You – Janette Ikz

I came across this spoken word poem by Janette Ikz last week when I was doing research for a talk I'm doing at my youth group about waiting for the right guy.

This poem showed me how wrong I have been doing things. And how important it is to wait for the right one instead of wasting your time with those that are just going to break your heart. Or in my case, God probably had someone in mind for me who likes me back (that might be a hint).