Top Five: Brit Actors I Would Marry (in an alternate universe)

My imagination is a very active place, a place where the impossible is possible, flamingos talk and I have the option to marry one of the many British actors that I have crushes on. And because this is my blog and I love writing lists, this is my top five of British suitors (yes this is still taking place inside my head).

1. Joseph Morgan: Not a day goes past when I don’t bring JoMo up in a conversation or mention him on Twitter. The Welsh actor famously known as playing the super sexy Original vampire Klaus in The Vampire Diaries is my number 1 celeb crush ever. I sometimes think I might sell all my possessions for the opportunity to meet him. Whenever I think I have matured, I think of Joseph Morgan and then I start obsessing like a 15-year-old. If it cannot be me, the only actress I’d be cool seeing JoMo with would be Candice Accola (Klaroline forever!)

2.  Andrew Garfield: The new and improved Spider-Man swung into my heart when he played Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network and was hooking up with London Tipton, after that I watched The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus where I heard his native accent for the first time and I was instantly smitten. I was younger and was less then impressed with the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire trilogy especially since Gwen Stacy was my homegirl and so I absolutely loved the remake with Andrew Garfield and the most awesomest young Hollywood actress, Miss Emma Stone (who totally did justice to  Gwen). What makes the fact that my OTP (Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy) get their big screen moment even better is that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are a couple in real life as well and any interview they do increases their adorability (yes I just made that word up).

3. Hugh Grant: How can one make a list of hot Brit actors and not include the legend himself, Hugh Grant? I shall proclaim from the highest rooftops that Hugh Grant is the King of RomComs with Julia Roberts as the Queen of course (that is why Notting Hill is the best movie ever). Hugh Grant was the nice cute guy whose everyone’s mother wanted them to end up with in the end (see Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Sense and Sensibility etc) and then in almost an instant he become the sexy bad guy that you secretly want (Bridget Jones, Two Weeks Notice, Music and Lyrics, About a Boy etc) which according to the director of Bridget Jones is more like his real-life persona then the floppy-haired romantic that kept chasing after Andie McDowell (I really hated Andie McDowell’s character in Four Weddings).

4. Alex Pettyfer: Or as he is more famously known as, The Kid from Magic Mike although I will always know him as Freddie in Wild Child, when he goes on the most adorable date ever with Emma Roberts’ character, no wonder she fell in love with him in real life. Alex has tendency to fall in love with his female co-stars, after Emma (who was the reason behind the ‘ER’ tattoo on his wrist), there was Dianna Agron (his co-star in I Am Number Fouralthough who can blame him, she is beautiful), and now he is engaged to his Magic Mike co-star and Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough.

5. Colin Firth: Just like with Hugh Grant, no list pertaining to attractive British gentlemen will be complete without the inclusion of Mr. Darcy himself (using a characters name that refers to his roles in the Pride and Prejudice mini-series and the Bridget Jones films). Colin Firth is the perfect amalgamation of hot, cute, grace and intelligence and what I imagine all gentlemen should be like and he will learn Portuguese for you (cue tears and a rewatching of Love Actually)

Ok I’m blubbering now at the lack of British actors in my life so I shall go back to practising the correct way to drink tea and how to make crumpets.

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    British men. Yes. I am with you. 🙂

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