The 100 Female Authors Challenge

I would like to say a lot of thought goes into what I choose to read, but it’s usually randomly picked around the books that I have accumulated both digitally and physically and which I had not gotten around to read yet.

Last year I focused a lot on book series, reading ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ series alongside various other books, but this year via the magic of Emma Watson I decided to put a little bit more focus in what I read.

Besides being a feminist, I did not realise how much I chose to read the voices of men instead of women, not to say that they do not have interesting stories to tell, they have just been the dominating narrative that I’ve been reading for so long. So this year, I challenged myself to read at least 100 books written by female authors by the end of 2016.

I have also joined Emma Watson’s Book Club ‘Our Shared Shelf’ which aims to read one feminist book a month. The first book we have read is Gloria Steinem’s new memoir ‘My Life on the Road’ which has already inspired me so much and enlightened me even more. Reading the words written by a woman that has inspired me so much throughout my life and learning about what she struggled with and she has overcome it, has been a turning point. I’ll write more about this amazing book, when I’m finished reading.


The second book I’m reading (because I just cannot read one book at the time, and I like to read one physical, one digital) is Jane Austen’s ‘Sense and Sensibility’ which is the second last jane Austen book that I have to read until I’m done with the collection. I’ve already seen the splendid Emma Thompson film and know a lot about the plotline, but reading the words as Jane Austen wrote them is special as well, and adds so much extra flavour to the characters and story (not criticizing Emma Thompson’s great screenplay of course).


So, hopefully, I will stay adrift with this challenge and be able to meet it, and this blog post will serve as a reminder to me to keep myself in check.

You can follow all my reads, over at Goodreads or here and I’m always keen to chat books and feminism.

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