Remember – A Poem for Women’s Day

I was asked to write a poem about Women’s Day and while I believe that it is pitiful to celebrate Women’s Day and pretend for one day that we live in an equal society. But my feelings aside, the words came, and I was grateful to be given the opportunity to deliver it this morning.

60 years of
“You strike a woman, you strike a rock”

60 years of
“I’m sorry”
“Please don’t”

60 years of
“You must have liked it”
“You should have covered up”
“You asked for it”
“Shhh, don’t tell anyone”

60 years of

The end of the facade
The rise of the movement
Move or you shall be moved
The beginning of an era
The embracing of the tears

Remember Khwezi
Remember Reeva
Remember the victims of male aggression
Remember the ones that the courts forgot

Remember the mother breaking her back
To carry her children
Remember the employee constantly having to
Prove her worth
Remember the women gone too soon
And the ones whose spirits were broken long before

Remember the women who fight
And the ones that write
And the ones that are more than
To men

Remember the women that are afraid to bleed
The ones that scrape their knees to pray
And the ones who search for a helping hand

60 years of
“You strike a woman, you strike a rock”
60 years of forgetfulness and silence
60 years of hiding the tears

We stand with you
We cry with you
We fight with you
We remember you.


If you want to do something to celebrate this Women’s Day, go beyond yourself and lend a helping hand to a woman who might need support and empowerment. Or if you would like to give financial support – donate to Rape Crisis here.

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