Prince George is the epitome of adorableness at Trooping The Colour

I’m not a big fan of children. Or animals really. But I just cannot with Prince George, he really, truly slays as the most adorable child ever.

Today, at the annual Trooping The Colour event which takes place to mark the 89th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince George stole the show away from his parents, the birthday girl, and the entire family to be honest.

He was first pictured in one of the windows of Buckingham Palace held by his nanny as he watched his parents in the parade below.

George was then held by Prince William as he joined the rest of the family on the balcony, wearing the same blue outfit that William wore in 1984. The Cambridge crew – William, Kate and George – were in their own bubble as George was constantly playing with his dad’s uniform, pointing at the crowd, watching the Red Arrow planes and Kate prompted him to give a wave to the crowd.

The Cambridge royals are definitely the instigators of a new wave of affection for the British royals. Where before they were a traditional gimmick, which many respected or rebuked but lately with the relatability of the trio (with the addition of Princess Charlotte now), the fact that they are embraced social media, that they are doing things differently than their predecessors, that they are making an effort to appeal to the masses and their general personas in public is not that of stoicness but of familiarity, of friendliness, of warmth. Even as the entire family stood on the balcony and you could see Prince Charles, the Queen and others react to Prince George’s shenanigans, the entire family have become much more endearing.

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