POP! Funko Peggy Carter is What Dreams Are Made Of

Finally my prayers have been answered! Hot on the heels of all the complaints about the lack of Black Widow merchandise following the release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Funko has announced that they are releasing a Peggy Carter (from Agent Carter, Captain America) figurine.

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This makes me ecstatic, not only because I’m trying to build up my POP! Funko collection but because I am undeniably in love with Peggy Carter. Her strength, her ambition, her willingness to be sensitive, how she supports her female friends, her beauty, her incredible dress sense, her intelligence, her guts, I want to be her. For me, Peggy Carter represents the type of female that we need to see more of on TV – a lead character, one that is 3-dimensional but is also an integral part of history, even a couple of years ago, her character would have just ended in Captain America: The First Avenger – a simple love interest. Now her depth is shown, she is able to be the superhero, we are given her origin story and after the lack of leading female superheroes and before the advent of Supergirl, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman we have this unlikely supporting character becoming the lead in her own story. She is no longer Captain America’s girlfriend, she is Agent Carter, and I think that is one of the most inspirational heroines for viewers to see on TV today.

GIF by totalfilm.tumblr.com

The figurine wears the distinctive outfit that Peggy wears in the pilot with her signature red fedora (swoon) and I’m already making space for it (it will be released in August) and hope that it will alongside Black Widow and Melinda May, spurn a whole influx of figurines and merchandise of Marvel women, I would totally buy Peggy in every outfit that she wears in the series.


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