Mystic Falls Survival Guide

Summer is coming up and many travelers are looking for a new and different place to spend their vacation. If you are looking to relocate or visit the picturesque small town of Mystic Falls in Virginia, you would be advised to heed my warnings. Although fairly quaint and average-looking, Mystic Falls has seen it’s fair share of casualties, disappearances and suspicious animal attacks, there is also the strange phenomenon that 95% of the the civilians are incredibly good-looking (sucks for the other 5%).

So if, against my better judgement, you still decide to take the journey down to ole Mystic Falls here are a few tips to make sure that you leave alive and unscathed.

1. Don’t have teenage children (R.I.P. Grayson, Miranda and John Gilbert, Isobel Saltzman, Bill Forbes, Richard and Carol Lockwood, Pastor Young)
2. Don’t become a guardian for teenage children
 (R.I.P. Jenna Sommers, Alaric Saltzman, Sheila Bennett)
3. Don’t sleep with Damon Salvatore 
(R.I.P. Rose, Andie Starr)
4. Don’t be a stoner
 (R.I.P Vicki Donovan and all her random friends that died at the graveyard)
5. Don’t have an intense connection with Jeremy Gilbert, even in ghost form
 (R.I.P Anna, Vicki Donovan)
6. Don’t be a werewolf
 (R.I.P. Mason Lockwood, Jules, Brady)
7. Don’t try too hard to join the main crew 
(R.I.P. Aimee Bradley, Sarah)
8. Don’t be tempted to take a position of History Teacher at Mystic Falls High 
(R.I.P. Mr. Tanner, Alaric Saltzman)
9. Don’t join the Founders Council 
(R.I.P. Zach Salvatore, the Lockwoods, Bill Forbes, Logan Fell, the Medical Examiner, John Gilbert, all the people that were in the farmhouse with Pastor Young)
10. Don’t be a witch/warlock coming in on Bennett turf 
(R.I.P. Jonas, Luka and Greta Martin, Esther, Maddox)
11. Don’t come into town with mysterious intentions 
(R.I.P. Alaric and Isobel Saltzman, Anna, Connor Jordan, Mason Lockwood, Jules and her pack, the Martins etc.)
12. Don’t attack Elena Gilbert 
(R.I.P. A lot of people)
13. Basically try to not to get mixed up with Damon and Stefan Salvatore, Katherine Pierce, Klaus Mikaelson no matter how hot and charming they are.

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