My Love Affair with Red Lipstick

Some of my earliest memories are of me sitting on my mother’s bed watching her dress up to go out and throughout her entire routine the part that interested me the most was when she put on her red lipstick. From then I wanted to grow up, because growing up meant that you could wear red lipstick. From the advent of colour films the seduction of scarlet rouge has become love at first sight for many women.

When I turned eighteen and it was no longer only acceptable for me to wear lipgloss, my mother bought me Revlon Really Red lipstick, I treasured it as if it was the best friend I always wanted. I planned my outfits around my lipstick and it became the only make-up product that I used. For my 21st birthday my sister gave me a Bobbi Brown red lipstick, and even though it was a different brand to what I was used to, I created just as many good memories in that one as its Revlon predecessor. As I got older my make-up kit grew from just the one lone lipstick to include foundation, eyeliner, mascara etc and the my red lipstick didn’t always go with the rest of my make-up or the soft and delicate look I was trying to portray, so I had to invest in other colours.


My relationship with my red lipstick seemed solid and eternal when I was younger, I thought that since there was no other colour that I was interested in wearing it would be the only colour I will wear, it made me feel like a strong, independent woman like the type I saw on old movies who were always able to do their own thing without any help from men. My move away from red does not mean that I am changing who I am but perhaps since I am getting older I do not need to constantly wear a certain colour to signify my personality or my strength it is ingrained in me already. But at times when I need a little pick-me-up I still pull out my lovely new M.A.C. Lady Danger lipstick and pretend I am Grace Kelly giving Bing Crosby a piece of my mind.

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