Movie Time: Funny Face

I like Audrey Hepburn, that is kind of a general fact about me, people who don’t even know me know that. A couple of weeks ago I watched her first musical, Funny Face, and it was the first time I heard her singing voice too as her voice was dubbed in My Fair Lady.

Audrey Hepburn as Jo Stockton is a predecessor to the current phenomena of hipsters – she frowns upon the commercialism of fashion, promotes her own philosophies and dresses simply in black, even though I find her style pre-makeover adorable. Her total disregard for what is ‘cool’ and having no interest in becoming an international star, as being the face of Quality magazine would surely make her, just reminds me of all the tumblr users who make fun of those that are on Facebook.

Many people criticize my love for things of the past – classic books and films. Why watch a film that is so out of-date, nothing looks like that anymore? But it does, the fashion that Jo models and is photographed by Fred Astaire’s character is everywhere. Looking at the Elle Magazine SA’s fashion pages of 1940s-inspired fashion I saw almost an exact replica of Jo Stockton standing at the train station bidding farewell to her lover and in all the other pages I saw throwbacks to other classic films. This is not a one-time shoot idea as well, every month when I open one of  South Africa’s numerous fashion magazines I see inspirations from some old film from various decades. Fashion, photography, art, music, film are all influenced by what came before and in the same way that Jo does not see the understated beauty and inspiration of fashion, many would-be artists are not indulging in what could be source of great inspiration.

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