Jennifer Lawrence finally being paid more than her male co-stars


With an Oscar win, various other Oscar nominations, two successful franchises in The Hunger Games and X-men under her belt, Jennifer Lawrence is finally being valued above that of her less accomplished male co-stars.

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This is after the Sony scandal, whereby it leaked that Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were paid considerably less than their male co-stars – Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper – even though they were the ones who won Golden Globes for their roles and definitely outplayed their male counterparts.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that J-Law will receive $20 million against 30% of the profit for the sci-fi romantic drama Passengers in which she will star opposite Chris Pratt, whose pay check was increased after the success of Jurassic World from $10 million to $12 million.

It’s about time, I say. J Law is definitely one of the most talented young actresses in the business and she should be valued as such.


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