Hellogiggles: My New Best Friend

Hellogiggles. I revel in making friends. Some might say it is one of my few hobbies. I believe that each new person that you meet has the potential to teach or inspire you. My problem with real life friends is sometimes when I start obsessing over something they look at me strangely and start shaking their head slowly.


When I am in need of company who obsess over similar things as me I turn to the Automatic-Best-Friend-Creator otherwiseknown as the Internet. I have previously blogged about the amazing new life I found on Tumblr with people just as crazy about Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter (this is the shortlist) as me. But another website which I have been obsessed with for the past couple of months has been Hellogiggles.com 

Hellogiggles is another word for girlie heaven, described as

“the ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females. Everything hosted on the site will be lady-friendly, so visitors need not worry about finding the standard Boys Club content that makes many entertainment sites unappealing to so many of us.”

Never before have I found a blog site so tailored to my taste like HG. Created by three hilarious and empowering women – Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer and with a range of writers who seem to know what girls really want to read, not what they pretend they want to read about (like high fashion and heavy political drama). This week articles focused on important issues like the amazingness of the movie Clueless, what you can learn from the on-again off-again relationship of Ross and Rachel from Friends, creative ways to Facebook-hack your friends and there are the always-amusing Illustrated Tweets, an example of one which you can see below:

What I like most about Hellogiggles is that it’s a space for girls to just be girls, men can purely be interested in sport, vehicles and women and no judgement is cast upon them but when women declare their interests to be romance novels, bubbles and teen movies they whisper it or quickly add a ‘serious’ thing like the news or classical music. An article I read once claimed that Hellogiggles is perpetuating female stereotypes (the pink Barbie-doll-loving, cupcake eating ones)  but they are stereotypes for a reason, these are what women enjoy and by giving females a space in which to celebrate who they are and what they love without being ridiculed and teased, Hellogiggles are empowering and honouring women. The posts are well written and funny, most of the writers feel like my long lost buddies, and I feel like I’m part of a community of  ‘smart, independent and creative females’ who can unashamedly talk about both Jane Austen novels and Sweet Valley High in the same sentence.

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