Five Reasons You Should Watch The Carrie Diaries


One of the most-talked about pilots of the CW midseason schedule has been the Sex and the City prequel series “The Carrie Diaries.” Whereas purists of the original series have scoffed at the idea of Carrie Bradshaw living outside of the world of HBO and Mr. Big, the CW has given the heroine of the popular series, a makeover for a new generation. Here are five reasons to let this promising series fill the Gossip Girl-shaped hole in your heart.

1. It’s set in the 1980’s – While not the most fashionable of decades, it’s the time of taffeta, shoulder pads and shiny dresses – but with the same renowned costume designer as Gossip Girl the outfits which would look cringe-worthy are reborn as trendy and sleek versions of their 1980 counterparts.

2. You want to dance around to the soundtrack – Each episode features classic 80’s tunes such as Cyndi Lauper’s iconic ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ and Billy Idol’s ‘Dancing with Myself’ which makes you want to heave yourself off of the couch, pull on your legwarmers and start your repertoire of dance moves which you are usually too ashamed of to partake in, in public.

3. The secondary characters are intriguing and lovable – One of the biggest risks with this prequel was the question of what is Carrie without Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha? But the new characters who helped to shape teenage Carrie have their own winning qualities from the studious and ambitious Mouse; to the ditzy but confident Maggie; to the ever-loyal Walt; to Sebastian, the bad boy with a soul; Donna, the school’s resident Mean Girl; Dorrit, Carrie’s goth sister and lastly, Larissa, Carrie’s older, cooler,  New York friend who exposes Carrie to a new world and lifestyle.

4. Real-Life Issues are dealt with – Just like the original, nothing is frivolous in the life of Carrie. When the show begins, Carrie and Dorrit had just lost their mother and the first season has been chronicling how they have been dealing with such an abrupt change in their lifestyle. Then there is Walt, who is confused about his sexuality; Maggie, who is cheating on her boyfriend and is struggling with her own feelings of inferiority; Mouse, who is trying to keep up with her parents’ ambitions for her; Sebastian, who is dealing with absentee parents; and then there’s Larissa who seems to living a perfect life but still struggles to find genuine friends and people who care about her.

5. The love story with Manhattan – The Carrie Diaries is ultimately the story of the beginning of Carrie’s love affair with Manhattan. Unlike Mr. Big and her various other suitors’ Manhattan is the one who has been stable throughout her life. Differing from the book series on which it is based, Carrie does an internship at a law firm in the city and one day whilst shopping she meets Larissa who works at the famous magazine Interview. In becoming friends with Larissa, she is introduced to a new world of originality, parties and of living life to the full which reminds one of the Carrie which we have all grown to love.

So this Monday, don’t dismiss The Carrie Diaries as simply another reboot of a 1990’s television show, allow yourself to flash back to the 1980s and fall in love with Manhattan all over again.

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