Ariana Grande wins my love with an epic tweet


I have always enjoyed her music, and her endearing Instagram posts made me a fan but in a tweet that Ariana Grande posted about gender double standards and slut shaming I am finally at the point where I will declare my love for her from the highest building.

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Her essay-like post which comes short on the heels of her break up with Big Sean, her being linked by the media to Niall Horan from One Direction (which she beautifully responded to with β€œA girl can be friends with someone with a dick and not hop on it”), deals with women being referred to relation to men, how there is so much more to her than the men she has dated or who she might still date.

She tackles the double standard of how women are called sluts for the same thing that men are called studs for – even refers to the fact that women are shamed when they speak about sex but men who rap about it are regaled. She challenges young women to encourage and support each other and realize that they are so powerful on their own they do not need to be associated with any man to be considered important.

Read her amazing mini-essay here:


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