About Me

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Who Am I?

I’m Caryn Welby-Solomon, 27 years old and I currently work as a Content Producer for 24.com writing Native Content for their Brand Studio. I previously worked in African news,Public Relations and Marketing. I am also a contributor for Fangirlish and TheYoungFolks and a freelancer in my spare time, for examples of my work, check out my portfolio here.

Other than my formal writing, I am an ardent feminist, an activist, a lover of film, television, books, internet culture, art, music, Nutella and conversations with others. I’d like to think of myself as multi-faceted and always developing and changing.

What is Pink Shackles?

Pink Shackles does not refer to that Mary Mary song, but to the instrument that was used as a restraint device. Metaphorically this refers to the things that are holding us back – our fears, our past, patriarchy, racism, etc, and my attempts to talk about, as it pertains to me, as it pertains to the people around me, and what I have learnt from research and experience.

This blog will also follow my interests from reviews, lists, features about books I read, films or television shows I watched, podcasts I listened to, events I attended, and news that I read.


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