5 Reasons You Should Watch ‘Galavant’

Galavant is a musical comedy television series about a dashing knight named Galavant who goes on a mission to save his ‘one true love’ from the clutches of an evil King who abducted her. Which sounds generic right? But all isn’t how it seems, as you’ll see below.

It’s an excellent written show with smart humour and great comedic presence, there is so much right with this show, of which currently two seasons are out, that it’s a pity that more people did not give it a chance. The two seasons are written so that if Season 2 is the last season it ends on a high note, but if ABC decides to give us as, the loyal audience, another chance to watch the shenanigans of Galavant and co. that would be amazing.


So here’s a couple of reasons why you should give Galavant a shot:


The comedy

So even though it’s described as a fairytale, it’s a little less Disneyesque and more like Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Robin Hood: Men in Tights. It pokes fun of the genre, it does not take itself too seriously, it modernizes everything and it has fun. Every episode (and they were broadcast two at a time) garners barrel laughs and leaves one feeling considerably happier.

It is a spectacle, a form of entertainment, and the lines are so well brought across and the silly moments are so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh that this is a refreshing show when so much emphasis these days are put on drama series and dumbed down comedies. It will take you back to Monty Python, Faulty Towers days, and it is perfect for those moments when you just need a laugh.


The music

The music is created by Alan Menken (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, amongst countless others), Glenn Slater, and Christopher Lennertz (who I got a chance to interview here) and it uses a variety of genres of music with lyrics that are laden with in-jokes and cultural references.


The reworkings of cliche plotlines

The ‘save the damsel in distress’ plotline is so tired, but Galavant puts a new spin on it, in that everything that you think you know is turned on it’s head. The damsel, Magdelena, is actually just a woman who preferred to marry a rich king over a poor knight, King Richard is actually just a sweetheart, and with each new twist and turn the show hits you with another reformed cliche. You don’t know what to expect and it’s thrilling.


The guest stars

Season 1 boasted guest stars such as John Stamos, Hugh Bonneville, Ricky Gervais, Weird Al Yankovic and Anthony Head.


Season 2 however brought in Kylie Minogue as a singer in ‘Men Only’ bar, as well as Matt Lucas, Robert Lindsay, Nick Frost, Muzz Khan and Greg Wise.


This is an impressive group of guest stars who had that extra bit of flavour into the show.


The characters

The show might be a comedy but they take their characters seriously. Each character is 3-dimensional and has a growth arc. From Galavant who learns to forgive his father, who Richard who becomes brave, and Magdelena who finds true love, and Isabella, who demands her own and leads an army.



The show is progressive, it is fun, it is interesting. It uses it’s satirical methods to comment on many social issues, in line with other smart parodies, and it’s truly worth a watch if you enjoy musicals, or well scripted comedies.

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